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An anonymous reader quotes a report from TechCrunch: In the past, Roku seemed to become more of a platform compared with streaming media player competitions such as Amazon Fire TV or Apple TV. Since it had nothing of its own the company gave everyone else footing and in Roku hunt. That’s changing with the rollout of Roku OS 9.1, starting today. The upgrade adds a feature that plays TV shows occasionally and The Roku Channel’s films back; another that better showcases the channel’s free content in genre-focused searches; and one which introduces a navigation menu.

These attributes arrive alongside other changes and more easy sign-in to subscriptions. Changes would be account and the guest mode . Roku at January first announced that an”auto sign away mode,” which allowed guests to register into subscription channels with their own accounts rather of the Roku proprietor credentials. And guests may specify when their credentials would expire on that device — a feature in particular for Airbnb operators. Today,”auto sign out mode” is being rebranded as”guest mode,” and may currently be enabled or disabled on select apparatus. It also enables Roku owners to sign the guests out. Using Automatic Account Link, when activating a Roku participant or Roku TV Roku users will not need to re-enter their credentials — that the subscription data will just copy over from their account. Roku are also boosting products and its own content to customers. TechCrunch notes while Netflix”enables you to drill down to genres, Roku rather is coordinating search results by if the content is free of charge, subscription, on-demand or 4K.” The second row of content points users to Roku’s”free” ad-supported content.