Immigrants make up a huge part of Silicon Valley’s workers and investors. That is why news that the Trump Administration is changing the qualification for buyer green cards is a huge story, especially for immigrants from India.
Meanwhile, the in part two of the EC-1, Morrison illuminates the challenges and opportunities facing Roblox in years ahead because it seems to conquer a greater swath of the gambling market, or that which Baszucki calls”human co-experience.”
First and foremost, Roblox must expand globally and capture a greater share of children’s entertainment. Then, the company wishes to start to expand beyond its children’s gaming roots to achieve other, older demographics. It’s to do all this while also preserving safety for its users and raising the quality of its game engine against competitors like Unity and Unreal.

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How Roblox prevented the gaming graveyard and grew to a $2.5B company

Be sure to check out both parts, and if you haven’t already, make sure you read the Patreon EC-1 and the Niantic EC-1 too for similar deep profiles of leading Silicon Valley startups.
Following in the wake of our heavy profiles of Patreon and Niantic, we’ve got our next EC-1 bundle, this time on children’s gaming system Roblox . Extra Crunch writer Sherwood Morrison has covered gambling and startups for decades, and he has an in-depth, behind-the-scenes look in the incredibly popular startup with interviews with lots of the company’s principals. This is your weekend read.
If Roblox can keep growing, it will serve as a guiding example for a completely new generation of companies. And whether or not it continues to evolve, it may yet prove that individual co-experience is more than a fever dream. A whole generation of companies failed to make immersive social environments — but at the distance between chat and games, Roblox may yet prove that there is a completely new social category waiting to be discovered.
As Morrison writes:

In part one of this EC-1, Morrison looks at the origin story of Roblox, which has to be among the most interesting I have read in a while.
Since these humble origins 15 decades back, Baszucki and his group have grown the company radically through a sequence of smart strategic moves that Morrison illuminates, eventually culminating in the organization’s massive $150 million Series F venture capital around this past year from Greylock and Tiger Global, valuing the business at a reported $2.5 billion. Roblox now has 90 million active users, tripling in just a couple of short years.

Digging into the Roblox growth strategy