It became evident that the design was well thought out, not only for aesthetics, but also for structural stability as I got into the build of this significant Destroyer version. For example, the many beams you build to maintain the two side panels of the ship offer exceptional support.

Given the shear amount of components, I was curious to know exactly how Brick Formation ensures the right parts are picked and shipped in each kit. It turns out that they utilize BrickVibe, a US-based BrickLink shop to supply each of the bricks to match their design specs, then hand-sort and count each and every part, verifying their work through a rigorous quality control procedure.

The models are not using a medium to medium-high level of build complexity, for beginner LEGO builders. I’d say that’s largely because of the quantity of pieces, along with the monochromatic colour scheme. But with time and patience, they’re definitely do-able. It took me about 8 hours to construct the Hiigaran Destroyer model from start-to-finish.
Is going to be delighted to know there’s a run of officially-licensed collectible kits inspired by the classic real time strategy video game series. These are the first ever models to be created by Brick Formation, a new startup focused on creating premium, limited-edition versions using genuine LEGO components.
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The exterior of every spaceship is packed employing an assortment of LEGO parts attached to baseplates. This offers a look to the versions as though they were built from sections of tile, along with the several pieces of puzzle tech that scatter the outside of every sci-fi car or truck.

The build instructions that Brick Formation includes are easy to comprehend, and utilize vibrant pink highlighting to indicate which components are being added throughout the step. It ’ s occasionally a little hard to distinguish the difference between shades of grey, therefore it s important to look before choosing your bricks as is the case with LEGO schooling novels. I had to backtrack to fix my mistakes, and left a few errors along the way utilizing grey instead of light gray pieces.

Each model includes a sturdy display stand also, along with a display card that lists specifications for your boat on the rear of the card. Since they re being made in small quantities, these kits aren ’ t with the Ion Cannon Frigate selling for $300, the Hiigaran Interceptor heading for $250, and the Hiigaran Destroyer. 100 of every model has been produced, making them collectible.