And it was glorious.

Owens did exactly that, telling the committee,”We hear over and over again about black conservatives, who have the audacity to believe for themselves and become educated about our history and the myth of matters, like the southern switch and the southern strategy, which never occurred.”

Screengrab of Rep. Ted Lieu through @jbendery)
GOP committee members invited Candace Owens, communications director of Turning Point USA and creator of this humorous neglect Blexit, to testify that white nationalism is just a bunch of scare tactics ginned up from the Democrats to keep minorities consistent with

The idea that the Southern Strategy is that a fantasy has been pushed in the past few years by individuals like convicted felon Dinesh D’Souza, although former RNC chairman Ken Mehlman apologized to the NAACP to it.
The House Judiciary Committee held a hearing on white nationalism this afternoon and Republicans wasted no time making themselves look like idiots.

Democrats need to do a lot of the. More often than not, Republicans are their own worst enemy. No need for a big song and dance when you can simply press on PLAY.