In France, there are one of the most energetic startup ecosystems on earth, a powerful research community, superb energy, telecom, and transportation infrastructure, an extremely strong agriculture and food business, and some of the most influential luxury brands on earth. The cloud is an opportunity by giving freedom to innovate fast to businesses, to stay competitive in all these domains. This is why tens of thousands of French customers already use AWS in Regions. Starting developers today, startups, and partnerships, in addition to government, education, and non-profit organizations can leverage AWS to run store info and programs .
We see AWS technology fostering a culture of experimentation. How much our French customers have been able to attain utilizing AWS technology has humbled me. Everyone was talking about how they’re using AWS to scale and transform their associations. I, for one, look forward to seeing more innovative use cases enabled from the cloud at the AWS Summit in France!

The opening of this AWS EU (Paris) Region adds to our continuing investment in France. Over the past 11 years, AWS has enlarged its physical presence in the country, opening an office in La Defense and launch Edge Network Locations in Marseille and Paris. Now, we're starting an infrastructure Region. We decided to locate the AWS data centres in the field of Paris, the capital and economic center of France because it is home to many of the world's biggest businesses, nearly all the French public sector, and a few of Europe's most lively startups.
We are also seeing a strong adoption of AWS inside the public sector with associations using AWS to transform the services they deliver to the taxpayers of France.Kartable, Les Restos du Coeur, OpenClassrooms, Radio France, SNCF, and many others are using AWS to lower costs and speed up their pace of experimentation so they could provide reliable, secure, and innovative solutions to individuals across the nation.

We have been residing in helping grow the French IT community. To continue this trend, we recently announced plans to train for AWS, free of cost assisting them to develop abilities. These people will be granted access to AWS training resources from France via existing applications AWS Educate, such as AWS Academy days. To learn more about these assignments or find when the next event will take place, see:
TodayI'm pleased to announce the AWS EU (Paris) Region, our 18th tech infrastructure Region globally, is now generally available for use by clients worldwide.

To give clients the best experience when linking to this Region, today we are also announcing the availability of AWS Direct Connect. Now, customers can connect to the AWS EU (Paris) Region through Telehouse Voltaire. In January 2018, clients will be able to join via Equinix Paris in January and later in the year through Interxion Paris. Customers that have gear within these facilities can use Direct Link to maximize their connection.

In people in France, we’ve continually invested in addition to physical investments. We have been groups of business development, solutions architects, coaches, account managers, and professional services specialists, as well as other project functions. These teams are helping customers and partners including systems integrators and ISVs, to move into the cloud.
Our AWS EU (Paris) Region is open for business today. We’re excited to offer a comprehensive portfolio of services including compute, storage, and networking, to our solutions and applications such as IoT artificial intelligence, machine learning, and serverless computing. We look forward to continuing to expand this portfolio to add more services. For more information concerning the newest AWS EU (Paris) Region, or to begin now, I would encourage you to visit:

French organizations are using AWS to innovate as diverse as manufacturing, financial services, energy, media, pharmaceuticals and health sciences, retail, and more.