WordPress currently powers over 1/3rd of the best 10 million websites on the internet based on W3Techs. Our market share has been growing steadily during the past few decades, going from 29.9% only 1 year ago to 33.4percent now. We are, of course, quite proud of these numbers!
Over time WordPress has become the CMS of choice for businesses and more and more individuals. The variety of WordPress sites grows, as WordPress is used by companies. Enterprise businesses all the way down to local businesses: them all use WordPress . We love watching that and we strive to always make WordPress simpler for all of you.

WordPress market share on the rise over the previous 8 decades.

We’d like to thank everybody who operates on WordPress, which can be constructed and maintained by a huge community of volunteers who has grown alongside the CMS. This incredible community makes it possible for WordPress to keep growing while still also staying free. And naturally, we’d love to thank all you utilizing WordPress for using it and trusting in it. To all of you: let us celebrate!

The path here has been really exciting. In 2005, we were celebrating 50,000 downloads. Six years later, in January 2011, WordPress was powering 13.1percent of websites. And now, early in 2019, we’re powering 33.4% of sites. Our most recent release has been downloaded close to 14 million times, and it was just released on the 21st of February.