Guides and pals are wonderful! So much fun and energy that is decent! You learn! Don’t stay join us!

The Docker Pals app matches collections of attendees who are newer to DockerCon (the”Pals”) with an attendee who has been to one or more DockerCons (the”Guide”). See what this neighborhood has to offer and our intention is to assist everybody at DockerCon feel comfy. The two Guides and Pals find the experience rewarding! The first step in being a Guide is registering for DockerCon so if you harbor ’t yet, register here now!
“Conferences can be lonely if you neglect ’t know anybody, or will be the only person from your company. Docker Pals supplies stress free chance to connect with people and get to know them.”     
This year we’re thrilled to see more interest from this program. Interest means a demand for more Guides than previously! If this is not your initial DockerCon, please consider registering to be a Guide and help welcome people newer to DockerCon to the Docker community. You are given the opportunity expand your community to get more information, and have fun by participating!

Here is what some of our Guides have stated about this program:

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It was great meeting the Pals assigned to me. For me it was interesting to learn about people that are different and use cases.

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“A fantastic experience to satisfy new people and help them to appreciate DockerCon as much as I do.”

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Not your first #DockerCon? Contribute to the neighborhood and be a Guide to a #Docker Pals in @DockerCon 2019!
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