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  • It remains unclear why the Nintendo Switch won’t have the ability to read game titles after repairs. While owners of consoles which are permanently damaged by this problem can still play games by purchasing their digital versions, it will be a pity to have part of a $300 device not functioning only because of negligence in assessing the integrity of game titles.

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  • A Japanese repair store issued the warning after investigating the issue, when a few Nintendo Shift owners in Japan reported their consoles stopped loading game cards after inserting a second-hand or borrowed .
    The repair shop found the problem occurs because of broken game titles with broken and bent strips at the back, as seen from the photograph provided by the Esuteru site.

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  • If a broken game card is inserted in the Nintendo Switch, it will flex the contact pin within the match card slot. Unfortunately, this seems to be irreversible damage, since the repair shop claims that after it’s fixed, the console will no longer be able to browse the cartridges.
    The fix shop urges all Nintendo Shift owners assess their match titles until they fit themas sparing a second to look may save the console from irreversible damage. This is especially true in the event of secondhand purchases. If a match card has a broken or bent strip, the fix shop stated that it would be better to eliminate the damaged strip entirely to prevent bent contact pins. Luckily, it takes severe carelessness and a lot of abuse before a game card suffers such damage, so players should not be worried about providing additional protection into the cartridges.