It s a bit frustrating they ’ re throwing out something that already works and has worked for years, although I don ’ t really blame them for calling it a “ technical limitation ”. Plus it makes it sound as though it’s something they can’t do, rather than the truth, which is they’ve chosen not to.
Sean Hollister, reporting for The Verge:

Brands to allow AirPlay two to send shows directly for their 2019 TV
sets with a firmware upgrade later this year, however a Netflix
spokesperson tells me AirPlay 2 does not have digital identifiers
to allow Netflix tell those TVs apart — and therefore the corporation can not certify its users are receiving the very best Netflix experience when
casting to those new sets.

So now, it’s throwing the baby with the bathwater out and yanking
Netflix supported to The Verge it pulled on the wireless

Casting feature this past week, due to what it is calling a”technical limitation.” But it is not the kind of technical
limitation you would think.

The plug period, on AirPlay. “We can’t differentiate which device is
that , we can not really certify the apparatus … so we have had to
just shut down support for it,” that a Netflix spokesperson says.