According to Netflix, AirPlay is no longer supported on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch because of”technical constraints.” There are no details from Netflix on.

Netflix has lately been making efforts to protect its own content. Back in December, Netflix ceased allowing customers to subscribe to Netflix inside the iOS program , and Netflix has never chosen to participate in Apple’s TV program, making it inaccessible in the”Up ” feature of Watch Now.

AirPlay can still be initiated with the Control Center on an iOS apparatus, but we were unable to get Netflix articles to play and received an error message when attempting to examine the attribute.

Netflix programs are available on the Apple TVconsoles, smart TVs, iOS devices, and much more, so there’s not a true need to use AirPlay to watch Netflix articles, but there were cases where it had been convenient to use.

“We want to be sure our members have a good Netflix experience on any device they use. Together with AirPlay support rolling out to third-party devices, there is not a way for us to differentiate between devices (what is an Apple TV vs. what isn’t) or certify these encounters. We have opted to discontinue for viewing has been met, Netflix AirPlay service to ensure our standard of quality. Members can continue to get Netflix on the built-in program across Apple TV and other devices”

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Netflix CEO Reed Hastings recently verified that Netflix had no plans to be part of Apple’s TV plans and said that Netflix is not interested in offering its articles in alternate ways. “We need to have people see our shows on our solutions,” he explained.
Update: A Netflix spokesperson given additional explanation on the Organization’s decision to discontinue support for AirPlay on iOS devices, attributing it to the rollout of AirPlay support on third party devices and an inability to differentiate between them:

It is not apparent AirPlay service has been taken away from the Netflix app. The feature was available since 2013 and it was working up until this week.
The Netflix app for iPhone and iPad no more seems to support AirPlay, based on an updated support document found on the Netflix site .

Many MacRumors readers have attempted to utilize AirPlay using the Netflix program over the course of the past couple of days and have run into issues doing so from the Netflix program.