A bill meant to revive 2015’s neutrality rules will be in the Senate, and has passed in the House of Representatives 232-190. The ‘Save Internet Act’ may be doomed to an veto, but its wide support among Republicans and the relatively bipartisan push in Congress make it a significant one to follow regardless.

From the first amendment, Rep. Burgess (R-TX) requested that the Government Accountability Office issue a report on the potential impact of advantage providers on internet freedoms. As we’ve discussed several times before, this red herring argument has to perform an entirely different sector and domain of law, and both may and needs to be considered — in a bill or investigation of its . But the record is nonpartisan and nonbinding so it was accepted.
The invoice could possibly be, as it has been predicted by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell , “dead on arrival” from the Senate, and its hostility has been implied by the White House. However, the legislation is the issue a highly visible one and popular that voters will be considering from the 2020 elections. So there can be. When it is put forth for consideration , we ’ ll understand.