House lawmakers on Wednesday accepted a Democrat-backed invoice (alternative source) that would restore rules requiring AT&T, Verizon and other Internet providers to treat all internet traffic evenly, marking an early step toward reversing one of the most crucial deregulatory moves of the Trump era. From a report: However, the neutrality step is very likely to stall out of here, given Republican resistance in the White House and the GOP-controlled Senate, where aides to President Trump this week recommended if it ever reaches his desk that he veto the legislation. The House’s proposal, which passed by a vote of 232-190, could reinstate federal regulations which had prohibited Verizon, AT&T and other broadband providers from blocking or slowing down clients’ access. Adopted in 2015 throughout the Obama administration, these web neutrality protections had the backing of technology giants and startups in addition to consumer advocacy groups, which together argued that powerful national open Internet protections were necessary to preserve competition and permit consumers unfettered access to videos, music and other content of their selection.
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