Remote control cars can be fun if you’ve got a spare carpark or dirt lot to hoon them. You don ’ t have to settle for what ’ s currently offered although any good hobby shop will have shelves stocked with a variety of vehicles. Why not 3D print the automobile of your dreams instead? (YouTube, embedded under.)

Performance is impressive, with all the automobile showing good grip thanks to double wishbone suspension and its 4WD drivetrain. Documents are available around Thingiverse, therefore there’s nothing to stop you from printing out this and going for a spin this weekend. We’d like to see it take on the water using some 3D printed tyres, too.

[Due to Jotham!]

The construct comes from [ Engineering to us Nonsense], currently in its third revision. The plan is produced to make it accessible the world over. The whole automobile is 3D not just the chassis. Even, differentials and driveshafts, and the gearbox suspension arms and tie rods are published, rather than purchased. This also means the vehicle is more easy to build, with everything being printed into the dimensions, instead of employing off-the-shelf adjustable parts.