Creative Selection – Ken Kocienda, a former Apple engineer that co-authored Safari along with the iPhone keyboard, writes about culture at Apple. Among other insights, he discusses the best strategies to brainstorm with groups – it’s not with thoughts.
Bad Blood – It will make your blood flow. It’s the narrative of Theranos, the startup that is unsuccessful.

Most humor doesn’t endure, but this satire does. This book is laugh out loud funny.
The (Mis)Behavior of Markets – Written by Benoit Mandelbrot, the Belgian mathematician who initiated fractals, this book and theory inspired Naseem Taleb. It’s a book on the nature of financial turbulence.
The Zurich Axioms – Max Gunther, former journalist and Princeton graduate from the 1950s, interviews a lot of the most successful Korean leaders and condenses his learnings to a book. There are some points of view such as we call it another name.

Why We Sleep – Read this book to understand why sleeping is the most significant thing you should do now . More than exercising. More than meditating.
These are my ten favourite novels from 2018.

American Kingpin – the real story of an Eagle Scout became among the US biggest drug runners in about five years; and also how three government agencies captured him in a public library in San Francisco.
In this book, the writer explains psychology via discussions between a sage and a student.
Finite and Infinite Games – This book forces you to think about the world otherwise. Each time you engage with someone you’re either playing a game or an unlimited game. And the way you need to engage in each is distinct.
I read his speech “I’ve Fallen in love with American Titles ” at the New Yorker and I won’t forget how it evoked in me a sense of pride in American unity. I read it straight away when I was told by a creator about this book. He’s right. American Pastoral is a Pulitzer winner; s books, and one of Roth & rsquo.