– Ability to create your folder from any picture sources
What are the benefits?
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– Ability to Create icon packs that are unlimited, from some other sources
Why MSTech Folder Icon Guru?
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It is an attractive and appealing utility, whose aim is to assist you in categorizing, personalizing and organizing the directory icons of your system by making them easier to differentiate and assigning them better suited fantastic folder icons.
MSTech Folder Icon is an efficient and user-friendly piece of software developed to give you the way of customizing the looks of your own directories’ icons, enabling you to operate with a broad selection of images and colors.It provides you all you want to create unlimited amazing folder icons and also assign them to any folder, even in the simplest way possible.In fact, it’s a real Folder Icon Factory, provides you different type of options which make you able to create unlimited folder icons and utilize suitable icons to your windows folders.

– You may download and utilize amazing free icon packs from the site.
You won’t need to cover extra costs for icon packs anymore, MSTech has gifts and openings using free icon packs for you. MSTech team release ready that is amazing packs and layouts, and you’ll be able to download them from our site, add them and use them free of charges.
Why it’s the Number One and The Best”folder icon software”?