My first brush with Stephen King’s IT arrived at a young age when I was home one-day in the summer, and found it within my dad’s bookshelf. It scared the crap from me within a few chapters, and I never finished reading it. The miniseries from back in the day was just scary. I took my daughter to see that the brand new IT as it was in theatres, and spent most of the time awaiting jump scares so I really could frighten her. I got my money s worth; the folks around me not so much.

Monopoly: IT Edition is expected to send this May for $39.99, and you are able to pre-order it now over at Entertainment Earth.

We’ve yet to find any images of this board, tokens, or match cards, but the game will have players traveling across places. It will include Losers’ Club money, and tokens that look like items from IT as well. Pennywise will take over responsibilities for Rich Uncle Pennybags, and among the tokens will be a red balloon.