How to Update PHP

This functionality growth also means fewer servers are required to host sites. Updating PHP isn’t only good for your site, it also means less energy is needed for the 1-in-3 websites which use WordPress, so it’s great for the planet.
If you need help upgrading to a different version of PHP, then detailed documentation can be obtained . Including sample communication for them to assist you to send to a host. Many hosting companies have published information on how best to update PHP that’s particular for them.

The dash widget customers determine if running an obsolete version of PHP

Why You Should Update PHP

Beginning in WordPress 5.1, users running PHP versions below 5.6 have experienced a telling in their dashboard that includes information to help them upgrade PHP. Ever since that time, the WordPress stats have demonstrated a rise in users on newer versions of PHP.

If your website is running in an unsupported version of PHP, the WordPress updater won’t provide WordPress 5.2 to your site. If you attempt to update WordPress manually, that upgrade will fail. To keep on using the features of WordPress you have to upgrade to a newer version of PHP.

5.6 now, but soon 7+

This is the first growth in PHP mandatory version for WordPress because 2010, but may not be the only increase in 2019. The WordPress core team will monitor the most recent versions of PHP’s adoption with an eye towards making PHP 7+ the minimum version towards the end of the year.

Update PHP today, and that means you can upgrade WordPress tomorrow!
When updating to a new version of PHP, WordPress supports upgrading to its recommended version, PHP 7.3. The PHP internals group has done a great job making its most recent variant the version of PHP yet. It follows that updating will enhance the rate of your site, both your visitors and for you.