We looked at recent advances in metal printing last year. We’ve seen homebrew machines that were little more than welders under personal control and we’ve noticed plans by big players such as HP to create metal prints, but at a steep price. You can’t even stop the march of 3D printing advancement.

The description says “ than most folks believe, It is more challenging to ‘ metal 3D printing ’ a role. We’ve discovered the same even with plastic printers as buddies will expect us to publish the most things for them. What we like about this movie is that it helps to establish expectations of the current state of the art so today ’ re expecting than us metal printers could create.
We have no doubt that countless times a day a hacker is currently seeing a 3D printer spew vinyl and fantasizes about being able to print directly with metal. While metal printers are more prevalent than ever, they are out of reach for most people printing as a hobby. But as Mr. Spock once observed: “…you may find that having isn’t so pleasing a thing after all as desiring. It is not plausible, but it is often correct. But, metal 3D printing has its own set of challenges. Texas A&M lately produced a short video describing some of those design issues that you’ll encounter trying to make practical metallic prints in an SLS (Selective Laser Melting) printer. You can see the movie below.

One of the features covered in the movie are overhangs, which require supports. If you don’t perform finishing, after removal, the surface is all about like 80 grit sandpaper. Just warping and curling of areas is an issue with metal. Try needing to ceramic off grind metal supports Should you been frustrated eliminating plastic support substance. Additionally they use an EDM machine to reduce especially demanding supports, but it causes a whole lot of effort as it is very likely to operate through EDM cables and clog the filters.