A page on the internet is not like a page. A lot of us learned the hard way embraced the web flexibility and responsiveness and when we left fixed-width designs. Read the excerpt chapter.

  1. What art management means, why it matters, and that can do it.
  2. How to make art management work for electronic products and sites.
  3. The best way to improve conversions and bring your clients’ journeys to life.
  4. How to maintain new values and design principles by connecting touch points across marketing, product design, and websites.
  5. The best way to utilize art management priciples like design, typography, proportions, ratio, and grids in a more ingenious way to convey what you are trying to do much better.
  6. How to implement your layouts on any platform with the most current HTML and CSS.
  7. …Plus, we’ll explore outstanding designs from 100 decades of media and print publishing for some extra art management inspiration.

Andy’s new book explores 100 decades of art direction and the way we could use this knowledge along with the newest web technologies to create better digital products.


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Andy’s written many popular books on website designing and development, such as Hardboiled Web Design: Fifth Anniversary Edition, Hardboiled Web Design, and Transcending CSS: The Fine Art Of Internet Design. He’s a favorite speaker and provides talks about design-related topics and art direction all around the world.

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Andy explores luminaries such as Alexey Brodovitch, Bea Feitler, the work of a few of the art directors, and Neville Brody. He does not encourage us to mimic work out of a former era and moderate, but to know their thinking and learn how to apply that knowledge.
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Explain how art direction can help people tell stories by using layout and andy’s goal is to teach people about the importance of art management for the internet. Products, This way and websites will connect with viewers and manage to keep them engaged. After a thorough evaluation of the methodology of art direction, Andy teaches how to achieve it by adopting the web using modern CSS.