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Twitter consumer @WillSCourtney recently witnessed an owner with his tremendous puppy in what could only be called a bag-like structure. (It appears to be a big brown sack with pockets ) The dog’s owner attempted to board a subway only to be turned away by an MTA conductor.
When it’s vomit blood, or pee, New York City commuters have been utilized to viewing a variety of bodily fluids around the train. Every once in a while, however, they will be treated to something special: a puppy in a purse.

Saw this guy arguing with an
@MTA conductor about bringing his dog on the subway. Dude said the dog’s burlap sack was a purse; conductor said nope, wouldn’t allow him to the train@Gothamist @A_W_Gordon @2AvSagas #NYCSubway pic.twitter.com/qjgN5anKV3