Apple’s Mac sales might potentially be affected due to the adverse publicity surrounding the butterfly keyboard problems in the MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro, a problem that has become increasingly visible because of its impact on even the newest Mac notebooks.

Amid a decline of 4.6 percent in worldwide PC sales, Apple’s Mac sales were also down 2.5 percent in the first quarter of 2019, based on new PC shipment estimates shared this day by Gartner.
Dell came in third with close to 10 million PCs shipped and 17.6 percent market share, whereas Asus and Acer brought up the rear with 3.6 and 3.2 million PC imports, respectively.

Lenovo, HP, and Dell saw shipments grow or remain stable, while Asus and Acer, such as Apple, experienced declines. Lenovo, the number one global PC vendor during the quarter, sent 13.2 million PCs for 22.5 percent market share, while HP, a close moment, sent 12.8 million PCs for 21.9 percent market share.

Gartner’s Preliminary U.S. Vendor Unit Shipment Estimates for 1Q19 (Thousands of Units)

These new figures follow refreshes of both the MacBook Pro and also the MacBook Air lineups, both of which have been overhauled in October 2018, but come prior to the launching of updated iMacs. Apple this season has a lot of added Mac updates around the horizon, such as a fresh high-end high-throughput modular Mac Guru .

Data from IDC and Gartner is based on quotes, and the company is no longer doing this and there will be no way to confirm shipment estimates going forward while Apple used to supply certain breakdowns of Mac earnings.

Apple’s market share climbed year-over-year though, coming in at 6.8 percent, up from 6.6% in Q1 2018.
HP was the very best U.S. PC vendor with 3.24 million PC shipments, followed by Dell with 3.16 million and Lenovo with 1.5 million. The general PC market in the USA saw a 6.3 percent decline when compared with Q1 2018, with a total of 11 million PCs shipped.

Apple is also the number four worldwide PC vendor in IDC’s estimates, together with IDC suggesting Apple shipped an estimated 4.058 million Macs during the quarter, a mere 0.5 percent drop from the 4.078 million Macs shipped at the year-ago quarter.

Apple’s Market Share Trend: 1Q06–1Q19 (Gartner)
Apple’s U.S. Mac shipments also decreased, with Apple shipping an estimated 1.44 million Macs during the quarter, a 3.5 percent decrease from the 1.5 million Macs it sent in Q1 2018. Apple is rated beating out Microsoft, although trailing behind HP, Dell, and Lenovo.

Apple continues to be ranked as the number four PC vendor coming in after Lenovo, HP, and Dell, but ahead of Asus and Acer. Apple held that the number four spot in the year-ago quarter.

IDC also introduced its dispatch quotes this afternoon, and is frequently the situation, IDC’s shipping estimates are somewhat different than shipment calculations are made by Gartner’s because of the variations in the way each company.

IDC also indicates that entire global PC shipments declined, but by just 3% with a total of 58.48 million PCs shipped during the quarter.