In a prior research note, Kuo predicted that Apple would launch both a 31.6-inch screen along with a 16-16.5″ MacBook Pro in 2019, so it is not entirely clear if the 15-17″ MacBook refers to another laptop or if Kuo currently believes the 16-16.5″ MacBook Pro is coming a few years later than he originally anticipated.

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This article,”Kuo: New 31.6″ Apple Display in 2019 and 15-17″ MacBook at 2021 to Contain Mini-LED Backlights [Updated]” first appeared

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Apple intends to launch a trio of new products with Mini-LED backlights during the next two years, such as a 31.6″ screen in the next or third quarter of 2019, a 10-12″ iPad in overdue 2020 or early 2021, along with a 15-17″ MacBook in the first half 2021, based on well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

Kuo thinks that the 31.6-inch display”will target an extremely high-end position” and attribute an”all-new design”

An excerpt from Kuo’s research note, obtained by MacRumors:

We feel that mini LED, compared to OLED, will be much more convenient solution to provide wide-color gamut (WCG)/high-contrast/high dynamic range (HDR)/local dimming features because of its longer lifetime and no burn-in issues for Apple’s moderate – and large-size products targeting in productivity positions.
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