An Alexa-powered DAC


  • Great first sound receiver for home theater usage.
  • Adds Alexa to home theater setup
  • Supports streaming from Amazon Music, Spotify, and other services


  • No built-in microphone
  • No multi-room casting from Bluetooth or line-in
  • Cheaper AV receiver options exist

The Amazon Echo family has increased quite a bit with the inclusion of the Echo Link and Echo Link Amp devices. These devices provide Amazon Alexa functionality to your present home entertainment setup, or in the case of the Amazon Echo Link Amp, an entry 60W 2.1 channel sound receiver with RCA and Optical Audio inputs and outputs.

Echo Link Echo Link Amp
Size (LxWxD) 4.5″ x 5.3″ x 2.7″ 8.5″ x 9.5″ x 3.4″
Weight 18 ounce Worth
Input Analog (1x L/R RCA), Digital (1x Coaxial RCA, 1x TOSLINK Optical) Analog (1x L/R RCA), Digital (1x Coaxial RCA, 1x TOSLINK Optical)
Output Analog (1x L/R RCA, 1x Subwoofer RCA), Digital (1x Coaxial RCA, 1x TOSLINK Optical), 3.5mm headphone jack Analog (1x L/R RCA, 1x Subwoofer RCA), Digital (1x Coaxial RCA, 1x TOSLINK Optical), L/R Speaker Binding Posts

A rather DAC is provided by the Amazon Echo Link with smart features for your receiver set up.

Amazon Echo Link Amp

The Echo Link Amp is catered to those who want to measure up their game that is audio and want to stay invested in the Amazon Alexa ecosystem. Containing the identical DAC the Echo Link Amp lives up to its name, 2-channel stereo amplifier, including a 60W. This gives the alternatives to add a pair of speakers to the Echo Link Amp, eliminating the crutch of having another audio receiver for proper functionality of the Echo Link. Similar to the Echo Link, there are devices with more functionality, however, the Echo Link Amp is acceptable for receiver needs.
The excellent thing about the Amazon Echo Link line of apparatus is that there’s definitely something for everybody. If price isn’t a choice, and you want to improve the quality of your Alexa connection in your home entertainment installation, the Echo Link will serve your own purposes. The Echo Link Amp provides an solution for people who don’t want to use an AVR but nevertheless desire high-quality sound from their TV, and each of the devices attached to their TV.
Hi-fi add-on

$300 in Amazon

$200 in Amazon

Smart receiver
Smart amplifier
What disturbs those devices, however, is that the entry cost for the functionality they both have. The deficiency of a microphone on both these devices means they will depend on you having an additional Echo apparatus. Unless a future revision adds a built-in mic for one-device Alexa functionality while fans will see the chance to jump at these devices, I can not easily suggest one or more of these devices to the user.
The Amazon Echo Link Amp uses all the functionality of the Amazon Echo Link, with an integrated amplifier to get an all-in-one alternative for those seeking to present high fidelity sound for their home entertainment setup.

The RCA is the standard analog input/output apparatus — the white and red cables that came with devices while both the coaxial and are digital sources. You may use the TOSLINK or RCA connectors to join the leads out of HTPC, a gaming console, or Blu-Ray participant to a Echo Link for quality stereo or surround audio.

Amazon Echo Link

As somebody who has integrated the Amazon ecosystem I’m always looking into finding new ways to enhance the smart home encounter. Here at Android Centralwe research numerous devices to reach that same aim.

Entry point for hi-fi audio
$200 at Amazon

The Amazon Echo Link is a device designed to update your home audio setup together with hi-fi sound streaming and Alexa functionality. Contrary to the Amazon Echo Link Amp, it depends on you using an audio receiver in your home theater setup beforehand.

All-in-one hi-fi solution

The Differences Matter

Amazon Echo Link

Although the price is high for the limited functionality, the Amazon Echo Link Amp is a good entry point for people who want to enter the audio receiver sport.

$300 at Amazon

The Amazon Echo Link is tailor-made for those who wish to add a fidelity Alexa option, and have a sound receiver or receiver inside their home entertainment setup. The digital-to-analog converter that is built-in supplies dynamic range that is greater and sound quality than connecting an Echo Dot or Echo itself into the receiver. In layman’s terms, it sounds considerably crisper than if you were to join your Echo speaker via a 3.5millimeter audio cable. The only downside is there are better options available with more functionality than that which the Amazon Echo Link provides if you are ready to spend the excess cash.