It’s a fun project, which allows one to utilize the C64’s charming retro graphics to interface with an project. Connection is achieved at 2400bps over the user interface, and it is plenty fast for UI applications. [nanoflite] demonstrates that the interface using an Arduino Uno and a Grove shield. The C64 is able to display the condition of the relay LED and servo outputs, as well as read the Arduino button along with potentiometer inputs.

It’s an excellent way to incorporate a Commodore 64 to a microcontroller installation without reinventing the wheel. We think it’d make an wonderful classic similar or interface to a home automation system construct. Should you’re curious, but you don’t possess a C64 of your own to play , not fear – that you can just build a new one.

Microcontrollers are trendy, but the user interface choices they could deliver are unsatisfactory. The stage in question might not have the horsepower required to drive a screen, and often a net interface is undesirable for both complexity or security reasons. You only require a fantastic software interface between computer and processor.