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The ordinary man can get through most of life enough with only algebra, when it comes to mathematics. Some statistical concepts would be helpful, and a little calculus couldn’t hurt. But that are just fascinating in their own right and leaves out a great deal of intriguing mathematical concepts that actually do have software in everyday life.

Concerning making Fourier transform notions accessible, we’d put [Jez]’s function right up there with such devices as the first Michelson harmonic analyzer, or even its more recent plywood breeding . In addition to the interactive demos have been lots of fun.

Chief among these concepts is that the Fourier transform, which is the real key to understanding everything from JPEGs work to how we can stream audio and video on the Internet. To help get your head around the notion, [Jez Swanson] includes this interactive Fourier transform visualizer that actually drives home the important points. This is stuff; it covers the basic theories of a Fourier transform, what they re great for in life, and the way they operate. There are no equations, just engaging cartoons which show how any function can be decomposed into a pair of sine waves. One shows the approximation of a square wave with a slider to control to vary the amount of component sine waves; a button allows you listen to the sound getting harsher as it means a true square wave. There s a great bit on epicycles and SVGs, and one of the very best introductions to encoding graphics as JPEGs that we ve seen. The best part: all the code supporting the demos is on GitHub.