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LEGO Goes to The Upside Down with Amazing Stranger Matters Model

[through Toy People]

Pre-orders begin in Japan now, with the monster selling for 66,000 yen – or about $610 here in the U.S. It’s available for pre-order nonetheless, but there’s a fantastic chance you’ll be able to get one from Entertainment Earth or Big Bad Toy Store nearer to its launch. I’d also propose supplementing eBay.
This monstrous PVC kaiju figure measures in at a whopping 38.19″ long, also 18.5″ tall, and will look awesome on your desktop or bookshelf – assuming you have the space to get this. Maybe the dining table is a better option. I love the notion of a Godzilla centerpiece surrounded by buildings in order for it to stomp on. This item is incredibly comprehensive. Just look at these eloquent teeth and deadly-looking spiny bits down its tail and back.
I mean do you REALLY enjoy Godzilla, REALLY? Then you’re going to need to begin saving your cash for this epic poem collectible from the X-PLUS Gigantic series.