The series is expected to be 6-10 episodes, based on Deadline. The podcast’s manufacturers Victoria Thompson and Taylor Dunn will be producers on the miniseries.

Silicon Valley might have dealt with some rough hubris through the saga of Theranos, but Hollywood is basking in its own downfall.
Weeks after the premiere of an HBO documentary chronicling Elizabeth Holmes’s grand blood-testing charade and in the middle of creation of a movie starring Jennifer Lawrence, Hulu has arranged its own Theranos restricted series starring Kate McKinnon based on ABC Radio’s hit podcast collection on Theranos, The Dropout.

Together with SNL mainstay Kate McKinnon donning the black turtleneck, one can only question what demeanor she will bring the easily-parodied Holmes character. McKinnon lately co-starred in Ghostbusters and was a cast member on Saturday Night Live since 2012.
The podcast, which surfaced in January, followed the rise and fall of Stanford dropout Elizabeth Holmes’ Theranos, which increased roughly $900 million before reality caught up with its own claims and the company dissolved into chaos and criminal charges in venture capital.