Apple is also embroiled in a stressed legal battle with Qualcomm and is not likely to use Qualcomm chips for that reason, placing it in a challenging place. Apple has been talking with Samsung and Mediatek about 5G processors for 2020 iPhones, but it is not clear if this will pan out.
Huawei’s Balong 5000 would be acceptable for Apple devices with LTE networks with support for mmWave and sub-6 5G networks combined with backward compatibility, but there has been no word that Apple has expressed interest in the technology of Huawei.

Apple is also working on its LTE chip layouts for prospective iPhones, but that technology isn’t expected to be prepared to ship until 2021.

Rumors have indicated Apple and all the rollout of 5G are currently struggling. The company is thought to be planning to present iPhones that support 5G engineering in 2020, but there’s a problem – Intel, Apple’s latest chip partner, may not have the ability to receive its own 5G LTE processors ready by then.
Since Engadget points outside, Huawei is not famous for its processor sales, and earlier this season, a Huawei representative said the 5G Balong processors are intended for Huawei’s internal use only.
Huawei has developed a 5G Balong 5000 chipset, however, as with the organization’s processors, it has refused to provide its elements to third party businesses.

Huawei and Apple do not have a friendly relationship, and Huawei is currently in hot water together with all the U.S. government, which makes the likelihood of a partnership low. Huawei has been accused of using”dubious tactics” into steal trade secrets from U.S. companies, such as Apple.

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Chinese company Huawei develops its own chips and modem processors, but may be interested in selling them to Apple, reports Engadget.