That it hangs unevenly position the cravat. One end must expand than another. [1]

  • Consider making whichever conclusion is closer to your dominant hand the longer finish to make tying a bit easier.
  • Wrap the long end around the short end. Hold the long end of the cravat in one hand and then wrap it around the front of this brief end as you hold it tight along with the flip side. Till you’ve completed one loop continue wrapping the end around the rear of the short finish. [2]
    • Holding the cravat closely as you wrap will help make the knot more secure.
      Wrap the run across the short end again, after the same process. Thread the long end up throughout the center of the neckband, as you finish the second loop. [3]

      • Pull the long end through the neckband just as you would with a normal necktie.
    • Pull the long end down on the front of the loop. Lift the very long end up and above the loop after it’s been threaded through the neckband. Pull on the long end down facing the loop until it is hanging down the front of the shirt. [4]
      • Be careful not to spin the fabric as you pull it over the loop on your neckband or it won’t lie flat.
    • Tuck the cravat ends in your shirt or waistcoat. Be sure that the cloth is lying flat against your chest because you tuck it in to fasten the cravat. You can either wear it on the outside of the shirt based on the type of event or tuck the cravat inside your shirt you are currently attending. Cravats are worn on the outside of the shirt and are tucked to a vest or waistcoat.
    • For a casual look, tuck the ends of your cravat inside of your shirt after tying it.
  • EditChoosing a Fabric and Color

    1. select a silk cravat to go with a tuxedo. Purchase a silk cravat to utilize a tuxedo at a formal event like a wedding. In case you don’t have a tux, silk cravats can dress up a normal suit. [6]
      • Silk is a very delicate cloth so make sure that you treat your silk cravat with care by following any particular cleaning instructions.
    2. Purchase a polyester cravat for ordinary wear. Choose a cravat made. Polyester cravats will hold up to wear and are more durable than silk. [7]
      • Purchasing a polyester cravat doesn’t mean you need to compromise comfort. Polyester cravats are only as soft and comfy as silk!
      • Due to the nature of the cloth, polyester cravats may also accommodate a wider range of printed or woven designs compared to silk.
    3. Match the color of your cravat to your vest. If you’re wearing one, wear. Choose a color for a look that is formal or look at a pattern that is subtle. [8]
      • If you’re attending a wedding, consider picking a colour that matches the subject of the event.
    4. Choose a patterned cravat to add visual attention. Select a cravat using a pattern such as paisley for a tasteful look to dress up any outfit. Consider wearing a striped cravat for a look that is traditional. [9]
      • Avoid picking a patterned cravat which may clash with your shirt or suit. If your shirt has a pattern, then think about wearing a cravat.
    5. Match your own cravat with a pocket square. Think about coordinating your cravat’s color and layout with a pocket square positioned in the pocket of the suit jacket. Match the colours just or choose a color to create a coordinated look. Finish your organization look to put in. Cravats are a great way to add interest and a accessory. [11]
      • Cravats are worn loosely around the neck compared to ties and are a cooler option during winter months.
    6. Insert a cravat into a casual polo shirt. Dress a polo shirt with a cravat up to add an extra dose of style. Tie a cravat and then tuck the fabric within your polo shirt’s front. [12]
      • Unbutton that the first few buttons of the polo shirt to expose all their cravat.
    7. Wear a cravat untied round your neck like a scarf. Twist a cravat with blazer or a sports coat and let it hang untied around your neck for a relaxed look. The cravat will produce visual attention with the addition of a texture and colour. [13]
      • For a cursory look, wear a collared shirt underneath your sports jacket and cravat.
      • For a more relaxed and edgy look, pair a casual t-shirt with your own sports jacket and cravat.

        Traced back to the military uniforms of 17th-century Croatian soldiers, the day cravat is a fashionable alternative to the necktie. Cravats are pieces of cloth tied around the neck which can add interest to any ensemble. With a few tips on sporting and tying cravats, you are going to be prepared to sport this neck piece with confidence!