Jackets are. But if you’re tired of wearing your coat in the old ways, think about spicing it up a little. You can add some interesting accessories — like an enjoyable cross-body bag, a cute neckerchief, or an scarf. Try popping your collar rolling your sleeves up, or adding a chunky belt. Perhaps you will consider tucking it into your trousers and wearing it!


EditStyling Casual Looks

  1. Layer the coat above a plaid flannel shirt for a casual combo. In colder months, a terrific way to go casual with all the military coat would be to wear it on a flannel shirt. You can spice up the appearance with a variety of different colors — reds and greens or pinks and oranges.
  2. Wear it over distressed jeans and a graphic tee for a laidback look. This really is a casual appearance. Your military coat will look great worn open and loose over a graphic tee (or perhaps a plain white t-shirt), paired with distressed jeans. [2]
    • Try wearing different colors of t-shirts with the coat, but remember that more neutral colors will likely work best.
  3. Roll up the sleeves. A great way to add some flare to your old trusty military jacket would be to roll the sleeves up. Roll the sleeves in large cuffs or smaller. [3]
    • Try pairing this over a vibrant undershirt so that colour peeks out from beneath the rolled jacket sleeves.
  4. Wear your army coat like an oversized shirt. Button or zip your army coat all the way up and toss it on using a pair of trousers or leggings, as you would with an oversized blouse or t-shirt. You can wear another shirt under, but try not to let it peek from the top or bottom of your coat. [4]
    • It is a fun, relaxed style which works well when you are on the go!
  5. Pop the collar. Wear your jacket open or closed and pop up the shade for a bit of extra flare. The popped collar is a enjoyable contradiction to the strict adherence to rules a uniform is associated with. [5]
    • This sort of dichotomy could be a fun statement about your own personal style!

EditCreating Dressy Looks

  1. Pair it with a little black dress to make edgy contrast. Twist a military coat on a cute little dress. As it works best with a contrast in length — the dress hanging lower than the coat, avoid more military coats with this appearance.
    • Try completing the ensemble with a slender brown belt worn out at waist-level over the top of the coat and the gown.
  2. Wear a tailored military jacket with slacks to operate. For a more professional look, pair a tailored military coat with a pair of slacks. Wear the jacket over a blouse that is tucked in to your slacks. [6]
    • This appearance is great for a business casual look with a little edge that’s suitable to wear to work.
  3. Tuck your army jacket into your pants. Heal your military jacket like a button-up top and tuck it in your pants. For an appearance, try high-waisted trousers for women. [7]
    • This might not work if your army jacket is constructed from material that is very thick. But if your coat is a bit on the lighter side, it’s an enjoyable way to alter this up!
  4. Unbutton the top few buttons and include a cute neckerchief. Keep your coat buttoned all of the way excluding the few buttons up. Tie a little neckerchief around your neck using a cute design. [8]
    • Alternatively, you could add a large, chunky necklace instead of a neckerchief.
  5. Match your army coat with knee-high boots and a skirt. Another great way to dress up your coat style is by wearing it with a cute skirt and some boots. Mid-calf or lace boots look stylish with a skirt that hits just above the knee and a fitted military coat. Wear your coat hanging open with a large, oversize scarf at the very top. The various textures (the canvas jacket against a milder woolen or knit scarf) will add a fun contrast to your own outfit. Or try linking the scarf in patterns. Try switching your military jacket style by pairing it with a thick belt worn in your true waist. This will break up the conventional kind of the jacket and give a fun new style to it! [12]
    • Use a belt at a complementary color including hunter green, light brown, or orange.
  6. Add some dress shoes for a dressier appearance. Try pairing your army jacket with apparel shoes or heels to class it up a bit. Under the jacket, you can pair backless sneakers with jeans, slacks, as well as tights and a dress. [13]
    • That can be a fun way to turn your daytime jacket look to a night jacket look. Try carrying out a petite handbag along with your army coat outfit. This will add a nice contrast to the size of your jacket that is bulky. Try out a little handbag with a tasty little bowler bag with no over-the-shoulder straps plus a chain shoulder strap handles. [14]
      • Avoid large cross-body bags, as the military jacket is already comparatively bulky.
        Hats are a great way to spice up any ensemble. Try wearing a hat, if you want to dress down your army jacket. If you want to class it up a bit, put on a fedora hat.

        • You can also put on a panama hat to bring a few edgy contrast to the ensemble.
      • Insert some pins for ornamental flare. Try playing with the addition of your own funky version of stripes that are army. Add some pins that are adorable and exciting into the breast of the coat, or down the sleeve, to give a little something extra to it. [15]
        • Add vibrant pins that actually draw attention to the layout.

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