Yesterday, a bombshell report dropped showing that Amazon employs tens of thousands of individuals around the globe to listen to voice records captured in Echo owners’ houses and offices, and uses them to improve its Alexa assistant. “A screenshot reviewed by Bloomberg News proves that the recordings sent to the Alexa auditors do not provide a user’s full name and address but are associated with an account number, as well as the consumer’s first name and the device’s serial number.”

It may still come as a surprise, Even though many have assumed that this was happening behind the scenes. Thankfully, is a way to prevent Amazon from listening to your own Alexa recordings. Tom’s Guide explains: 1. In the Alexa app, accessibility Settings. You’ll find this button. 2. Click on Alexa Account. This ought to be on top of the page. 3. Select Alexa Privacy. You will be taken to Amazon’s external Alexa privacy page. You can review a range of items here, including our voice history, ability permissions, and other data settings.

4. Harness”Manage How Your Info Improves Alexa.”

5. Alexa improve and will no more understand from the responses, but your recordings will be safe and sound.

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