Should you have to reveal the extension for documents, right-click the file and choose Get Info from the context menu. In the window which opens, expand the Name & Extension group. Under it, you’ll discover an option and default, it enabled. Uncheck it and also the extension for that file will begin showing up in the Finder and on your desktop.
This option works both ways. You may use this option to selectively hide extensions for files that are certain, if you ’ ve enabled all extensions to be shown.

The first option is ‘Display all filename extensions’. Select it and you will see file extensions onto your desktop and for all files in Finder.

Display file extensions

Regrettably, you cannot apply this . The expansion option, while available in the Get Info window of a folder, is inactive. You ’ will have to go about it by one, if you want to show file extensions for files. Selecting many files, right-clicking one document, and picking the Get Info option will open a Get Info window to every single file that you selected sot try that unless you want to wind up lots of windows.

As soon as you establish file extensions show, you change it, and can choose the expansion of a file as you can its title. Be warned this won’t convert a file from one format to the other so unless you’re correcting a file extension, you shouldn’t edit it in a file name. You get a confirmation message asking if you truly want to change it, when you do change the file extension s name.

To display file extensions for all files, open Finder (or just left click an empty area on your desktop computer ). Click Finder from the menu bar and select Preferences from the menu.
The fantastic thing about macOS is that no matter how long a file’s name is, the extension will still be visible. The name will be cut off after a character count is reached by it but the expansion is inserted at the end nonetheless.

File extensions are concealed on macOS. You overlook ’t should understand the expansion of a document howeverit’s quite easy to show file extensions. In fact, you may decide to display extensions for all files, or you’ll be able to show them .

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