Users also have discovered ways to disable sleep completely .
Open the Terminal and run the following command;

The System Preferences program doesn’t allow you to customize this setting. When your display is set to sleep from the Energy Saver preference, you may only select.

Sudo pmset -a sleep minutes

Replace minutes together with the number of minutes you want your system to wait before it’s put to sleep.
It will go to sleep, Should you leave your system unattended, and unused for too long. This is a standard feature on all desktop systems but some choose to let the user determine how long the system ought to be inactive before it is put to sleep while some decide for the user. If you would like to set system sleep delay on macOS, you’re going to have to do it through the Terminal.

To change it, run the following command in the Terminal;

Pmset -g

From the results, start looking for the value next to Sleep. Here is the time, in a nutshell, that your system has to be idle/unused until it’s put to sleep.

Your brand new system sleep delay will be set.

MacOS used to allow users control over the machine sleep delay time Apple has been focusing on giving ways to control battery usage and power consumption on MacBooks to users. It doesn’t have anything as sophisticated as committed power plans like Windows 10 does so rather, it tries to choose what ’ s by supposing they wish to save battery charge best for the consumer.
It’s because of the that the user can no more customizes specific settings. If a user decided to extend the machine sleep delay beyond the default that’s set from the OS, they will consume battery. Locking down this feature means no one can alter the system sleep delay. When their display is set to sleep, users can only set.

Establish system sleep delay

Battery & energy intake

The Energy Saver preference doesn ’ t provide up much except for the Power Nap attribute that users can enable/disable every time they want, although there has been a focus on saving energy on MacBooks for a little while now. Users are still free to modify the brightness of the screen when theyre low on battery, and disable display dimming on battery. Both may have a significant impact on how long a battery charge lasts.