Though straitjackets were designed to restrain somebody who’s in danger of hurting themselves or others, escape artists and magicians often escape from them as part of their acts. If you’re trying to become like Harry Houdini, you might want to consider learning how to perform famous! Although it may seem impossible, escaping from a straitjacket is a hint that anyone can find out to do.

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EditGetting Your Arms Free

  1. Pinch the straitjacket as you’re being booted up, if at all possible. Use one of your palms to inconspicuously pinch the jacket’s front as it’s being placed on you. This will end up giving you about of slack that will help you tremendously on. [1]
    • You may be unable to do this in the event that you’re being watched carefully or you can not move your palms this manner for some reason. But do not worry, this isn’t completely necessary for speeding the straitjacket.
  2. Breathe in and expand your chest when the jacket has been placed on you. Take a deep breath in order to produce your body as large as you can and tighten your muscles. Next, once the straitjacket is fully on, allow the air and loosen your muscles to put more slack from the coat. [2]
    • After the jacket’s been placed on you, try to create your upper body as small as possible. The smaller you are, the more easy it’ll be to get out of the straitjacket.
  3. Push your powerful arm up forcefully towards the opposite shoulder. Employing the slack you’ve managed to give yourself, work your dominant hand up the arm and towards the opposite shoulder. To where you require it to be to the next step, this will move the slack on your jacket. [3]
    • As your sleeves are pulled behind you, try to be certain your stronger arm is over your weaker arm. This is going to make doing this step much more easy.
    • If your dominant arm isn’t above your weaker arm, then just carry out this step with all the arm that is closest to your mind.
  4. Bring your powerful arm up and over your head. So as to make it much easier to move your arm over your head, if needed move your head down and also towards. Where it’s at keep your weak arm. Pull it down into the front of your body, After your powerful arm is over the head. [4]
    • Once you’ve completed this, you should have the ability to move your arms round within the straitjacket.
      Once your arms are loose in front of you, bring the sleeve buckle up to your head and use your teeth to undo it. You can even use your surroundings to get this done In case you have teeth that are fragile or weak. [5]

      • For example, work the sleeve buckle against a nearby table or door knob to push the strap out of the keeper. Use the identical technique to get the tongue When it’s outside.
    • Utilize your free hands to unbuckle the buckles behind you. You do not have to unbuckle all the buckles behind you; bottom ones and only the top. Put your arms behind you and operate from underneath the canvas of the jacket to reverse the body and neck buckles. Bend your body so that they’re on the ground, and lower the sleeves of this straitjacket. Step on the ends of the sleeves yank your body upward and backwards to take out the straitjacket. [7]


  • Maintain the person who helped wear the jacket near you, in case you can’t escape and need help getting out.
  • Never try to do this by yourself!

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