Open the dropdown beside it and select Disabled in the menu. Relaunch Edge and you may start casting to the Chromecast after changing the value of both flags.
Ensure that you have your Chromecast. You need to install it first, In case you’ve got an upgrade pending. Make sure the Chromecast is attached to the network your Windows 10 PC is on.
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Setup Chromecast

Open the dropdown next to it, and select the Enabled option. Then Start Looking for the next flag;
In Edge, click on the more options button at the top right and from the menu go to More tools>Cast to apparatus. You will realize the Chromecast icon appear next to your URL bar and a pop-up will start. Select your device from the pop-up and you will be able to throw the tab.

Enable Chromecast support

Edge’s older version has been confined to what Windows 10 could do. It doesn ’ t encourage that the Chromecast that’s why Edge couldn ’ t cast to it although windows 10 has Miracast service that is native. Chromium Edge longer has that restriction so if you have the device lying about, it can be used by you with the edition of Edge.


The Cast to device choice is going to be available in the menu but if you disable and do not enable the flags mentioned earlier, Edge won ’ t be able to obtain the device.


The page that opens is going to be quite reminiscent of the flags page in Chrome since that’s what it essentially is. Utilize the search bar and look for the flag;
The brand new Chromium Edge browser relies on Chromium and it would stand to reason that it has every feature the Chrome browser contains. That’s not correct. If you’re running the Chromium Edge beta, you ought to know it may ’t cast to Chromecast. You can enable aid in Chromium Edge although the feature appears to be disabled.

When you throw from Chrome changing the flags in Chromium Edge will provide you more or less the exact same experience that you get. You’ll have the ability to throw videos straight from YouTube, and you’ll be able to cast a tab in the context menu. In terms of the casting experience, it should be more or less exactly like you get in Chrome.