1. Find any inbound links which may be harming example.com’s performance. Are they harmful?
  2. What actions would you recommend taking to deal with the harmful inbound links? Why?

You’re just looking for whether they understand what content is to locate it, and how to tackle it.

  1. How does this site utilize (or don’t utilize) structured data? Why is that important? How would you fix?

The work doesn’t stop there…

What I wish I’d have thought about back then created an search engine optimization assessment. My organization had evaluation projects for content programmers based writing drives, but there was really nothing comparable to gauge a potential SEO’s skillset.

Example.com/page-two/ is reduced quality since it is a near-duplicate of example.com/page-one/. It’s also getting little-to-no traffic. You can add a rel = canonical to indicate which variant of the pages is the primary/original, When it’s necessary to maintain / page-two / about the site. So it’s unique if / page-two / needs to remain in the indicator, look at modifying the material. If it is not crucial to keep /page-two/ about the site, consider 301 redirecting it to /page-one/.

But we know that adding a new member to your search engine optimization team entails much more than this. You will need to work with the hiring manager of your organization in order that they can hit and you’ll also have to invest in coaching this new employee.
Just keep in mind that, although I feel this is a good representation of SEO on the whole, it is not comprehensive. For example, local SEO is not addressed , so in the event that you run a local SEO agency then you could choose to concentrate on GMB optimization, NAP, etc.. Cater your appraisal.
This section will focus on estimating your candidate knows which type of material it requires to perform in the search engines for certain queries.

  1. What topical openings (if any) exist within this website’s content?
  2. What are some reasons their competitor’s content may be doing better?

    Consider it as your exclusive digest of stuff you do not have enough time to hunt down but wish to read!

    Example.com has a range of inbound links using exact-match anchor text that aren’t nofollow and seem to fit Google’s definition of a link strategy, specifically”low-quality directory or bookmark website links.” You might add these hyperlinks to their document preemptively, although they do not seem to be damaging the site’s performance in search results.

    By Way of Example, you might expect to get back something like this:

    Use this guide to make an SEO skills test and hire the most qualified SEO Manager to your group!

    • How much time do they have? Choose whether you would like to attract your candidate in for a 3-hour window (good if you are watching out to the Costanzas of the group ) or if they can take the assessment house and email it back by a certain date.
    • What website will they be evaluating? You’ll have to choose whether you’ll be giving them a site you control or choosing a random website. When it’s a website you control, try not to choose an site that is immaculate — give them something to find.
    • What tools can they use? You might want to let them use their preferred auditing tools or you can indicate they use your group’s favorite tools (if you’ve got any).
    • Are you going to cover them for their time? There are differing opinions on this, but if you are giving them a project you know will require over a couple of hours (especially if you might end up using their findings to improve the site ) I would think about paying them for their time.

    Content: Can your candidate discern high quality?

    Things to pay in an SEO skills test

    You’re not just handing your potential a site and stating”see what you find,” but you’re not only having them color-by-number either. What you’re doing is asking them guiding questions about a particular site, such as”what’s wrong with this?” “Why?”

    None of them felt 100% for gauging a possible new hire’s SEO chops appropriate while all have their merits. That’s why I landed a hybridvehicle.
    I hope that these hints on developing an search engine optimization appraisal help not make the process simpler, but help you have the best SEO talent you can — it is deserved by your team!

    “Technical” is extensive and not everybody agrees in which the lines have been drawn between specialized and extra-curricular actions, but I’m using”technical” to refer to uncovering your prospective SEO Manager’s competence at diagnosing and fixing any obstacles to Running, problems with the indexing of a site’s content, areas for enhancing how a search engine understands the website, and areas for enhancing the user experience.

  1. Are there any crawl inefficiencies/problems on this website? If so, please describe what they are and how you would correct them. If so, please describe how they would be fixed by you and what they are.

This will show you what viable courses of action exist for remedying it, and whether they have a good grasp of what search engines such as Google consider excellent content.
These tests gauge someone’s head understanding (or their Googling art ), but don’t gauge their practical, rubber-meets-the-road abilities.

  • The checklist: These types of evaluations give someone a list of jobs to see how well they are able to execute them. For example,”alter this name tag” These evaluations prevent short of gauging someone’s problem-solving abilities. These may be highly subjective: your candidate might center on the”wrong” items (things you do not care about your new hire knowing), and the candidate may just wind up relying on tools to do lots of the work for them.
    1. Locate the low carb content on example.com and record some examples . Why are they reduced quality?
    2. How can you advocate fixing the low carb content? Why would that method work?

    The best way to structure your Search Engine Optimization skills test

    We hear ya — that’s why we also put together”The Agency’s Guide to Finding & Onboarding New SEO Managers” white paper.

    This section would concentrate on gauging how well your prospective SEO Manager understands inbound links (backlinks) and their impact on a domain/page’s functionality in search results. Again, without giving too much away, I would instruct them to:
    If you have been tasked with assessing, finding, hiring, and training a new SEO supervisor, we would love to hear from you! What methods have been successful for you in the past? Share them in the comments.
    I was a team direct that is brand new. I knew the ins and outs of being a good SEO and a fantastic content creator, but within my first month as a supervisor I confronted a challenge I’d never needed to handle before…
    The abilities of A test of your prospective search engine optimization manager should hit in the middle.
    Generally though, there are three chief columns that I think represent SEO nicely on the entire: technical (the base ), content (the house), and hyperlinks (jurisdiction — yeah, yeah… I couldn’t keep up with the house analogy).
    Here’s what I might suggest inquiring:
    There are three Kinds of SEO evaluations that I’ve noticed:
    There are a few considerations you want to create before wishing them luck and handing them the exam. As an instance:
    Because these filters are open to individuals, crawl budget is being wasted on pages that are thin. Disallow crawlers from crawling non-valuable facets in robots.txt to save crawl budget.

    After your candidate has passed a basic round one interview an assessment similar to this may be good for another stage interview. The next step is to make certain they can walk the talk, if you already know you like this individual.

    1. What’s 1 strategy you would recommend using to help this website get more links? Why?
    2. Benchmark the site’s links against its competitors and list out any important insights you find.

      I began desperately Googling things like”interview questions” and”things to look for in a new worker” but quickly realized that was too generic for exactly what I wanted. There was no advice available on which makes a fantastic SEO manager. I had to wing it.

      Putting up them for the evaluation

      In response, you may expect to get an answer such as:

      Questions you might consider requesting to gauge their characteristics:
      There are many things you can cover in an search engine optimization quiz for your new hire.
      For These Kinds of queries, you may expect to get back something like this:
      Additional questions you could consider asking:

      Someone left and that I had to find a backfill.