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  • The simplest way to change your PSN name would be to do right in your internet browser. Sign into PSN and then go to the account settings page on your accounts, where you ll visit the “PSN Profile” option near the top of the page. Select this, when you ’ re motivated to do so, and re-enter your password. On the next page, you’ll view your screen name listed at the top. On the right side, you need to observe an “edit” button. Click on this button and then type in your new name.

    2. Change it in your PS4

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  • After years of being forced to live with a terrible PlayStation Network name such as “WonderbookGameOfTheYear” with no way to change it, Sony has finally given all PlayStation users the ability to change their PSN title . There are multiple methods to receive a new name and you ’ ll even have to do it at no cost if you have never done it before. This is the way to change your PSN name into something which isn’t embarrassing.
    It is also possible to change your own PSN name straight from the PlayStation 4. To do this, visit your console’s settings page and choose the “Account Management” alternative, followed by ”, ” “ Account Profile, “ Account Information and finally “ Online ID. ” If the feature is live, you should then be able to sort in a PlayStation ID without having to get a web browser at all — except the one you’re using to browse this!

    The PSN name change feature isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, also stresses a few notable restrictions which before doing so, you will need to consider. Their PSN names can’t change , so if you a you’re going to have to wait until you re 18.

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  • Not all games recognize PSN names. PlayStation 3 and Vita games will not support the feature, and only games printed after April 1, 2018 are made to encourage it. Sony explained that a “large majority” of popular PlayStation 4 matches will recognize changed names, and it features everything from Doom to Knack two . All these were printed before that date, so check that the official listing to see if your favorite game is encouraged.