Deleting a startup entrance in Gnome Shell is about as simple as adding one. To perform it, ensure you have the Tweaks app open.  Make your way to “ Startup Programs once open. ”

Done adding startup apps to Gnome? Close Tweaks to finish up.

Removing automatic application start

Installing the Tweaks application is simple on the majority of all Linux distributions. Even better, due to Gnome’s prevalence with Linux users, even vague and unknown operating systems have it into their software repositories. From that point, follow the instructions that correspond to your OS.
After making a new startup entry in the folder, then update the file ’ s permissions, to ensure it can be interacted with by Gnome Shell properly.

To create a startup entry from the command-line, you must move the terminal from the home directory (~) into the “/ / usr/share/applications/” folder.

Rm programname.desktop

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To disable a startup entry from the terminal in Gnome Shell, move the command-line to the autostart folder using the CD command below.



Duplicate the titles of those apps you’d love to prevent from automatically starting up by plugging them in the rm command below.

Repeat this process as many times as wanted to create as many startup entries as you’d like.
Employing the picker menu, navigate through applications (running ones appear ) and click on it using the mouse to pick. Click on the “ Add ” button to create a new startup entry to your app after making a selection. Remember that you must re-do this procedure for each program you would like to launch at start.

Can’t even find the program you need in the list of files onscreen? Blend the ls control with grep to narrow the list.

Autostart programs via GUI

Opening apps automatically when you log into Gnome Shell is a fantastic way to establish your workspace beforehand. The simplest way to autostart programs on Gnome Shell would be to make use of the Tweaks application.
The Tweaks app isn’t the method to make startup entries in Gnome Shell.

Sudo apt install gnome-tweak-tool


sudo apt-get set up gnome-tweak-tool

Arch Linux

sudo pacman -S gnome-tweak-tool


Fedora Linux is one of several Linux operating systems that ship with a complete Gnome experience, so it’s likely the Tweaks program is uninstalled. Nevertheless, should you want to get it working, it’s only a Dnf control away.
From the “Startup Programs ” region of Tweaks, click the + sign. Doing this will bring up a picker menu.