Courier services give quick pickup and delivery solutions for products or documents that are urgent. In order to use a courier company, you have to schedule a pickup time for a representative from the company to come get your package. You should prepare ahead of time and be sure you have followed the courier instructions, to ensure delivery.


EditChoosing a Courier Service

  1. Prepare your package for courier pickup. Choose envelope or an appropriate-sized box and set your item inside. Be sure if you’re sending something delicate that your packaging is cushioned and your item is secure. As soon as you’ve your item or items at the package that is proper, seal the parcel. [1]
    • Depending on where you’re situated, there are a number of restrictions on which you can and cannot mail. Items like explosives are usually prohibited. Check the website of the postal service in your state to ensure you aren’t mailing.
  2. Measure the parcel you’d like to send. Carefully measure the length, width, and height of the box. It will also be helpful to weigh the parcel too, if you’ve got a kitchen scale. This will help you get a good idea of just how much you can expect to pay for courier service. Courier sites may ask you to enter weight and the parcel’s measurements when you book the pickup. This can help you avoid extra charges in the future.
  3. Look for courier services that pick up near you. Some courier services work within countries or specific areas. Many work internationally. To get the most precise results, do a search of your town or city name and the words”courier service.” This should give a number of businesses which offer service. [3]
    • it’s also wise to check the shipping address to ensure the courier service will send to this place. Most sites will have an address checker instrument.
  4. Compare prices for sending your parcel at different businesses. Narrow your search by looking at the prices listed for courier service based on the dimensions that you measured for your parcel. Compare unique companies and see their costs differ for the dimensions package which you have. [4]
    • you also need to consider the sort of parcel being shipped and if it’s some requirements such as temperature or additional care when delivering, as these can incur added fees.
  5. Check the pickup hours and delivery alternatives supplied by the courier. The service will probably need you to be current for pickup, so you will want to make sure that you could be specified. You may also appear at any time guarantees that they might make if you’re currently working within a period of time. This might work best for you whether you aren’t able to be at home during the day.
    This process will vary by site, but will generally require you to enter some info. You will probably be asked to enter your name, address, phone number, email address, and some type of payment info. This is going to make the process of arranging a pickup easier. If you would like the package picked up from your residence, simply use your home address. If you’re working from another location, make certain that you put in the address to prevent any confusion. Some couriers will allow you to decide on a moment, but many places give you a window of time your package will be picked up within. [6]

    • based on the location you are sending the package to and also the time frame it will take to get the bundle there, the price will vary. Be certain to confirm the price once again.
  6. Pay for and print your own label. As soon as you’ve picked a place, you can affirm your pickup and pay. This may generate a label for your parcel which onto the bundle in clear handwriting using a marker you can print out and connect into the packaging, or simply copy the label information. [7]
  7. Wait for collection by a courier. The courier must arrive during the time allotted by the company. Be patient and be sure you are during this time. In case your courier is late or doesn’t appear, call the customer support number provided on your confirmation email or on the company website. [8]
  8. Track your parcel. You should get an email for tracking or be in a position to utilize your confirmation number supplied, once your parcel is picked up. This will permit you to see where your package is situated anytime to delivery from pickup.