If you have forgotten or lost your lining, fret not! It’s still possible to apply your lipstick without your liner. Try using your lipstick as your lining by drawing on a line that is cautious using a brush, cotton swab, or the lipstick . You could apply your base for a substitute for liner. You will be able to create lips that are beautiful .

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When you’ve got a brush, it will be easier to apply your color. Typically, long brushes using a tip work well for lip color application. [1]

  • Having a brush, you have a good deal of control within the line you draw. You are able to draw straighter lines using a brush as opposed to some lip liner.
  • If you don’t have a brush, you could use a cotton swab.
    You wish to get a small, even amount of color on your brush or cotton swab. Avoid placing too much lipstick as it could seem messy. [2]

    • if you’re using liquid lipstick, then dip the brush or cotton swab in the tube.
  • Use the lipstick if you don’t have a brush. For outlining lips, the pointed end of this lipstick can do the job.
    • If your lipstick is flat and no more includes a pointed end, you’re better off with a brush or cotton swab.
  • Draw your own lip line in a shape that pleases you, starting with your top lip. Together with your brush or your finger, apply your lipstick like you would eyebrow . Start at the middle, and follow the outline of your top and bottom lips. Practice the natural shape of your lip or slightly exaggerate the traces. Instead of working with a eyebrow pencil, your lipstick can be used by you on your liner. Select another color than your lipstick.
  • Use a mild lipstick color to underline the rim of your mouth. This will still give your lips a barrier to use lipstick but using a contrasting shade, like bare or pink.
  • Trace round your lips with the thin, pointy edge of this brush or lipstick. Adhere to your lips’ border, and draw a line around the exterior.
  • Colour in your lips with your lipstick. Using finger or your brush, blend in both colors as you reach the line that is outer that is red. This is a fun way to add dimension to your lips. [4]
    • You can pick a dark red lipstick to line your lips, then use a glowing pink lipstick to your lip color.
    • Just be sure to blend the 2 colors well as an observable dark outline may look dated.
  • EditSubstituting Foundation for Your Liner

    1. Apply your base as normal. Using a liquid or powder foundation, cover with foundation to even out skin tone and then prepare to your lipstick.
    2. Apply a light, even coating of base around the edges of the lips. Go around the bottom and top edge of your lips, mixing foundation in your skin. This will act as your liner. You are able to apply your base to the borders of your lips with your fingers or with a brush. [5]
      • Your lipstick needs something to adhere to, and base or concealer! –functions well as a substitute for lining.
      • Note that this technique may create your lipstick look lighter.
    3. Apply your lipstick, beginning with the center of your upper lip. Rub the stick above your lips. Follow your lip’s natural line rather than following the line you would draw using a lip lining. You are applying it only.
  • Blot your lipstick, then reapply it. Put a piece of tissue between your lips and gently press them. Then, reapply your lipstick using the identical technique. This will allow you to build without developing pigment up.
  • Twist your lip line with your lipstick, lip brush, or foundation. Your line use the edge of this lipstick may be sharp and smooth, although in the event that you want a touch or use a lip brush and smooth across the edge of your lips. [7]
    • you could also apply another light, even coat of foundation around your mouth to fix any errors.

    EditThings You’ll Need

    • Lip balm
    • Lipstick
    • Foundation or concealer
    • Lip brush or cotton swab