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No 7 serums are beauty products which aim to give the skin a youthful, attractive look. If you employ your own serum twice each day in the morning and day, you may start noticing favorable results as early as 2 weeks into using it.


EditCleansing Your Skin Care

  1. Remove your makeup. Be sure that you remove all of it with a makeup or simply by wetting a cotton mat with makeup remover if you have any makeup on. As an alternative, you can use a cleansing oil to take your makeup off. Regardless of the goods that you opt to use, use just a small pressure as you wash away your makeup and make sure to wipe your face. [two ]
    • return over areas of your face in which you’ve applied more cosmetics, including your eyes, to make certain you eliminate it completely.
  2. Wash your hands thoroughly. It’s important once your serum is applied by you that your face is clean. Since you clean your face with your hands, this means your hands have to be clean too. Rinse your hands with some hot water, then create a lather. Wash your hands rinse off them, and dry them with a clean towel. [3]
  3. clean your face using a gentle cleanser. Until you apply your serum, always wash your face. Create a lather with a cleanser of some water and your choice. Then, massage your face using the cleaner to remove dirt and oil from the skin. Rinse the cleanser off completely with warm water. [4]
    • Go with a cleaner for acne-prone skin if you frequently get breakouts.
    • Choose a cream-based hydrating cleanser if the skin tends to be dry.
      Get a fresh hand towel and lightly press it against your skin . Since the serum may have the ability to lock in some of the moisture before your skin is completely dry stop. Take the cap and squirt a tiny bit of it. Aim to squirt out a amount. A little bit tends to go a long way Since the serum is focused. Rub your fingertips to spread out the serum and tap the serum. After that, dab on the remaining portion of the serum on your lips and chin to make certain that it’s implemented the most beneficial areas in all. Rub on the serum into your skin all. Start towards the center of your head and use an outward sweeping motion as you employ. Allow the serum absorb into your skin thoroughly before you place any other products on it. [8]

EditMoisturizing Your Skin

  1. Follow the serum up with No 7 day cream every morning. It doesn’t have moisturizing properties although the No 7 serum contains several valuable anti-aging properties. After applying your own serum stick on your finger and scoop out a little bit with your finger. Massage it into your skin to make sure that your face is moisturized and protected in sunlight. [9]
    • As an alternative, use any face lotion or cream that has an SPF.
  2. Wait 15 minutes until you put on cosmetics. When applying your serum in the morning, make your face for about 15 minutes or so after you’ve finished your moisturizer. This will allow the moisturizer to place into your skin and hydrate your face. You should start putting your makeup on, after the period is up. [10]
  3. Apply No 7 night cream every evening after applying your serum. Scoop a little bit of night cream from your No 7 night cream jar, after employing your serum at night, and rub it all over your face. As you are sleeping, this way, your face will stay hydrated and healthy. [11]
  4. Dab a eye cream around the exterior of your eyes sparingly. Don’t use moisturizer or your serum and rather use a cream that is specifically for eyes. Just get a small bit of the No 7 eye cream and dab on it all around the outside edges of your eyes just. This should help minimize and/or prevent crows feet. [12]
    • The skin around your eyes is fragile, so it’s ideal to only use products in this area from time to time.
    • If you’d prefer to use another new eye cream, feel free to use it rather.

EditThings You Will Need

  • Makeup remover/oil cleanser
  • Water
  • Antibacterial hand soap
  • Hand towel
  • Facial cleanser
  • No 7 serum
  • No 7 day cream (optional)
  • No 7 night cream (optional)
  • No 7 eye cream (optional)


EditQuick Summary