Mayer also announced a couple of new projects coming to Disney+, such as confirming that Marvel was working on a series based around Avengers characters, Falcon (Anthony Mackie) and Winter Solider (Sebastian Stan). Falcon and Winter Solider joins quite a few series currently in development, such as two supported live-action jobs from Marvel Studios focusing on Loki and Hawkeye, a Monsters, Inc.. Series a High School Musical show, and a Star Wars series focusing to a bounty hunter, also known as The Mandalorian. Disney will even end its vault program punctually for Disney+, based on a previous investors predict. The vault program basically made it impossible to obtain a film until it was released for a limited time. All pictures will be available to stream only according to Iger.
Disney+ readers will be able to set up profiles for those that they live with controls will be applied for kid profiles. All Disney+ content will be accessible for downloading, and the company is promising 4K HDR presentation where applicable to TVs.
Disney’s Kevin Mayer, head of the company unit, gave their first look at the Disney + app and interface to investors. Similar to Netflix, rows of content greet Disney + users, new TV series or movies added to genres, and the stage. There are five hubs that sit at the peak of the page, which will bring users to regions for Disney franchises: National Geographic, and Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars.
Here’s an illustration showcasing what a hub that is specific looks like, using the Disney hub.

Thrilled to discuss a first look!
The Hollywood Reporter previously reported that Disney would launch its streaming support with”500 movies from the Disney library… along with approximately 7,000 episodes of Disney TV.” Netflix had 4,335 movies and 1,197 TV series at 2016. Iger told investors in November 2017 they had been likely to”walknot run” to streaming, but could ramp up production on original series and movies as time passes.

Disney eventually showed off its long-awaited streaming service, Disney+ on Thursday.