The Grow with Google NYC Learning Center is the next chapter in our commitment to helping create economic opportunity and, in doing this, strengthening our connections to our neighborhood and the five boroughs. For more information and sign up for free courses in the Learning Center, see My expectation is that New Yorkers will be able to access opportunities here like the ones I was lucky to have rising up.

A mother who worked multiple jobs raised me, and she emphasized the importance of perseverance and hard work, despite being exhausted. Following her case, as a kid not only did I work hard in school, I dove into after-school activities. From there, I went on here at Google, and received a full scholarship to a secondary college. Now, for creating opportunities for many others, my passion is rooted in the opportunities afforded to me. That’s why I am proud to be involved together with Google, our program to help businesses and individuals gain the skills that can place them up and in the future with Grow.
Open to everyone, the Grow with Google NYC Learning Center will offer free workshops in partnership with community occasions training and community organizations. The 11,000 square foot area may have three classrooms and will be available six days a week.

We are proud to set up the Learning Center in New York City, home to our biggest office outside. We started on 86th Street 20 years ago in the city; we across three buildings now. Lately, we announced that we’ll spend $1 billion to establish a new campus here, Google Hudson Square. It is our obligation to support communities and the neighborhoods that we call home as we intend to cultivate our presence in New York.

Since 2011, Google has contributed over $150 million in grants and employee-matched giving to New York institutions. We’ve partnered with the New York City Public Library System to provide free Wi-Fi hotspots to public school pupils and households without home internet access. To help make economic opportunities citywide, we have funded programs like MotherCoders NYC, given space to organizations such as Black Ladies Code and hosted Cornell Tech while its permanent campus on Roosevelt Island was under construction. And only last month, we started a new lab for CodeNext for both Black and Latinx high school students to learn coding and gain the skills and inspiration they need for long and rewarding careers in computer science-related fields.

Learning Center courses will cover a selection of topics focused on abilities that are electronic. So if you are a company owner who wishes to reach new clients, a teacher interested in trying to learn new skills to grow your career, or even bringing electronic tools into your classroom –there’s a course for you. Several hours a week, we’ll have Googler specialists to answer questions. We’re also partnering with other local community organizations dedicated to digital skills building and training, including Per Scholas Goodwill, Hudson Guild and others.
From Albuquerque to Bozeman into Cleveland, Grow with Google has criss-crossed America, encouraging people looking to use skills expand their companies, advance their careers and to find jobs. We’re bringing the excursion to New York City for five months with the introduction of this Grow with Google NYC Learning Center–right on the floor of our Chelsea office, in the heart of Manhattan.