Alphabet’s Wing drone shipping company is starting its first public drone delivery service at Canberra, Australia, after the country’s aviation authority granted it approval. “Around 100 homes in the suburbs of Crace, Palmerston, and Franklin will initially have access to the ceremony, but at the coming months the company plans to enlarge it to homes in Harrison and Gungahlin,” reports The Verge. In the report: The agency works by partnering with local companies including coffee stores and pharmacies to deliver their products”in minutes” Wing acceptance comes with limitations. Drones won’t be allowed to fly over main streets, they will simply be permitted to fly between 7am and 8pm on Monday to Friday (or between 8am and 8pm on Sundays), and they’ll be restricted from flying too close to individuals. Clients in houses that are qualified will be given a security briefing. Wing states drones could deliver as much as one in four orders, and predicts that drone deliveries could be worth up to AU$ 30 to AU$ 40 million to companies in the area.