Learn more about Google’s activities throughout the week of GDC and sign up to stay informed. For those who can not make it in person, join the flow beginning at 10am PST on Monday, March 18th. These events are a part of their Game Developers Conference and require a pass to attend.

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This year’s sessions are focused on tips and resources to help your game business triumph. Come hear learnings from business peers and industry trends, as well as our latest announcements. We’ll hold a session that is technical in the next half of this day, where we will discuss methods to optimize the performance for the very best possible player experience of your cellular game.

We are excited to become a part of the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2019 in San Francisco. March 18th in the Google Mobile Developer Day, either in person or over live flow, for a full day of sessions covering instruments and best practices to help build a successful mobile games firm on Google Play. We are going to focus on powerful monetization, game quality and expansion strategies, and to create, join, and climb with Google.

Additionally, be sure that you visit with the Google booth from Wednesday March 20th before Friday March 22nd. Here, you’ll be able get your questions answered by Google experts, attend discussions in the theater, and to interact with hands on demos. Weexpect to see you there and’re bringing a team.