Google+ might have closed down its consumer side earlier this month, however the code base still lives on at Google. After diving to the social networking wars and getting routed, Google+ will live out its retirement as”Google Currents“–it’s the Google+ code base, however with an enterprise focus. The reborn Google+/Currents will now do battle with Facebook again, this time with the enterprise version of Facebook, known as”Workplace,” along with Microsoft’s Yammer. Surely things will proceed this time.

Currents is now the big enterprise communication tool from Google. The other is Google Hangouts Chat, that is a Google’s version of a Slack clone. The same as Currents, Hangouts Chat is closely connected with a perishing consumer Google merchandise, Google Hangouts. (Why does this look like G Suite is becoming all of the consumer leftovers?) The products Push, and will benefit from their association with G Suite, which pulls in enterprise clients with killer apps like Gmail Docs. The sales pitch is essentially”Since you’re paying for that sweet Gmail account with a customized domain, why don’t you try out these social programs, too?”