“We think there is some unique things we could do differently compared to the Pixelbook and Pixel Slate that are going to truly help give them exactly what they’re looking for when they are working in this new modern cloud-first age,” said Pixelbook Group product management lead Steve Jacobs,” according to the report.
We’re not sure what”Emerging” means quite yet, but Jacobs’ speaker profile for Cloud Next describes the attention of this Core Technology group as”looking for new and innovative ways to progress the way we play and work on personal computers,” so it is probably another sort of PC.

While Google wouldn’t talk time or details, it did drop a big sign earlier today — as 9to5Google reports, the company led a session in its Cloud Next 2019 seminar dubbed”Introducing Google Hardware for organization,” at which it indicated that a fresh apparatus may help on-the-go employees in ways that the Pixelbook and Pixel Slate couldn’t quite accomplish.
Last month, Business Insider reported that Google may be shifting employees out of their notebook and tablet division that brought us the top, pricey Pixelbook and Pixel Slate, citing”roadmap cutbacks.” But though Google initially declined to comment, the company currently informs The Verge that its hardware branch actually does have brand new notebooks and tablets in route.

Even though”Google Hardware for Business” is also a brand new name, it may not be a brand new initiative — it seems to be a part of Google’s past Chrome Enterprise push. Google is also quietly working on a new operating system that can theoretically replace both Android and Chrome OS someday, dubbed Fuchsia, though Google has stated it is only one of several experimental projects at the company.