Get flexibility, ample storage space, and double the security for your Shift.
The Everywhere Messenger Bag is one of the bigger means of transporting your Switch, games, and any additional accessories you’ve got for this. And for £29.99, bigger definitely means greater. The shoulder bag allows you to pack up everything, from controllers to the charging/video dock, and transfer it. There is also the extra bonus of a hard shell case for the Change which turns this bag right into a deal that is great.  

Among the best parts of the system is its durability, and you’re going to need the right accessories to fit your requirements if you end up on the go. These are a few of the very best cases for your Nintendo Switch: Read more…

It’s been a piece of hardware at the games area since the Nintendo Change hit the scene. Beloved for killer first-party names such as Super Mario Odyssey and Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, plus its ease of use, it’s been able to meet most discriminating players.

Four fitted spaces + 1 zippered pocket on the back

Shoulder strap:

  • Fits the Whole system • Includes zip case for tablet • Comfortable design
  • The PowerA is one of biggest makers with products available for Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and PC, through every possible retailer. When it comes to the Change, they have not skimped on quality.

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    The Most Important Thing

    Large bag

    The Bad

    PowerA Everywhere Messenger Bag

    Best overall

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    The Fantastic

    Whether you want to transport the whole system or want something for your tablet, the PowerA tote is the one to purchase.

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