The next and final new location in the season nine map is your Pressure Plant area. Since the volcano in year eight was never really a place this really is the only place that is truly new. The volcano still exists with the Stress Plant located using the lava.
As you would expect given its size and locations that are complex, there’s a ton of loot around Mega Mall that you can find. Despite there being a slew of players Only a cursory glance around the area during a match gave us a couple of unopened treasure chests.
Junk Junction hasn’t changed considerably, but there is a part of the Tilted Towers you can check out when you re missing how things was. There’s also a mansion near Paradise Palms. This is probably an intentional easter egg because a John Wick-like epidermis is among the most famous in Fortnite.
Perhaps the biggest addition to the Fortnite island season nine is that the exact speedy return of Tilted Towers. Recently, the volcano has been brewing up something in year eight, getting prepared to get an eruption. It ruined Retail Row and Tilted Towers, when it finally happened.
There are 3 slipstreams we’ve discovered. The first is that this huge circle of breeze based around the middle of the map. It covers the majority of the areas and it is going to fly you if you jump in. This is a great way to travel to places while still making it within the circle in 23, that you want to research.

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  • Fortnite season nine has arrived. The map has changed in some ways, after the vault and the volcano erupting opening for the first period. There are some changes such as a trip to the future, to the meta while this isn ’ t as game-changing as season seven. Many are now showing off a neon cyberpunk aesthetic that is sweet.
    Even though this isn ’ t a location that is brand new, there are several sky platforms that you can locate around the island. These skies platforms are similar to the expedition outposts from year seven and also also the pirate camps from season eight, both of which still exist in all their glory.

    Fortnite year 9 map: Stress Plant

    Fortnite year 9 map: Sky programs

    As you’d expect, while this isn ’ t as dramatic of a change, there are a few notable additions. There are a number of three locations which are all reworks of previous places. There are also a few changes to Polar Peak a great deal of changes around the map such as the addition of the skies platforms, and more. Let’s discuss all of the various changes that have occurred which you have to know about.
    Thankfully, in case you don’t property it s not difficult to achieve one from the ground. All seven of them have four slipstream pillars around them that it is possible to run into to fly up into the station. The skies platforms will also be the star of our most recent challenge guide for your week one struggles, so make sure you check out that for all seven locations.
    It includes a number of the very same buildings that were “under construction” from before, so it seems that even later on has changed within this ever-popular site. Tilted Towers continues to be one of, if not, the very popular place in the map.
    Both Mega Mall and Neo Tilted have slipstream paths of their own. Both named locations have a slipstream which connects to the big circle in the center and goes round the location. This makes travel between the two places that are new and the remaining part of the map but you really do want to be careful because you’re vulnerable when traveling within this nation.

    There are plenty of modifications. Among the ones that are most notable is the huge crack in the ice wall that contains a part of Polar Peak. With summer fast approaching, it’s potential we could see that this burst open this season.
    So around the plant and you will have to be cautious there you will still find lava south of Stress Plant. It s mostly one structure for players to explore, and you’ll discover plenty to research in the plant and loot as well. This will probably be the most famous of the three new places, therefore it is worth exploring for some wonderful weapons like the combat shotgun during matches.

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  • There are two or three houses and buildings around, but the vast majority of Row has been converted to its big parking lot and the Mall. The Mega Mall has a few floors such as a rooftop with vents which will burst you if you need to get.