It lets you pair your AirPods to your Mac the way you do on your iPhone – just by clicking and opening the AirPods instance beside your Mac. It’s super easy, but it is useful, if you utilize your AirPods together with your Mac frequently. A Batteries Notification Center widget on Mac displays AirPods battery life, charging case battery life, and also the battery life of your Mac.

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This month’s picks include programs for sharing documents, organizing web apps, monitoring traffic, repairing repeating keys onto a broken MacBook computer keyboard, and immediately pairing your AirPods for your Mac. A number of the apps we’re highlighting this month were chosen by our MacRumors forum members.

  • Stack (Free) – Stack is a Mac program that’s sort of an internet launchpad for internet apps, describing itself as an”internet OS.” It houses all the websites you might want to keep tabs like more, and Facebook, Messenger, Gmail, Slack, keeping them in a place that is handy. It is possible to arrange your apps in to classes, and the app provides coordinated notifications so that you do not overlook anything.
  • Little Snitch ($45) – Small Snitch monitors all the traffic on your Mac so you can see what apps are sending info, and where. It gives you hands over them and makes your Internet connections all visible, letting you approve or confine what is being sent from the Mac. Where relations are being created, so that you can see there’s a world map, and there are ways for allow it to run in the background or accessing instant notifications.
  • If you’ve got a favorite must-have Mac app that we have not emphasized let’s know in the comments, and we may feature it. Many of the app picks of this month came straight from recommendations from our forum members, and it.

  • Unshaky (Free) – Unshaky isn’t an Apple-sanctioned program, and that is as it is meant to repair a major Apple issue – that the faulty MacBook Pro computer keyboard. Unshaky is designed for people that have keys where the letters repeat, as it is able to discover the presses and remove them. Since we don’t have a computer keyboard with repeating letters we have not tried this app ourselves, but it has positive reviews as a fix. In case you have a repeating key you will need to get a fix from Apple, but this can help as you wait.
    • Programs designed for the Mac frequently don’t receive as much focus as programs made for iOS apparatus, therefore we have a series here at MacRumors that is intended to emphasize useful and intriguing Mac apps that are worth checking out and possibly investing in.
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      You can drag a file into CloudApp also it is going to be uploaded to the cloud and copied to a clipboard so you can paste the file in to email, Slack, Messages, or elsewhere. It’s possible to annotate documents and screenshots, which makes it a terrific way to convey when editing is necessary. CloudApp is totally free, but premium tiers with added features are available starting at $10/month or $8/month on an yearly plan.